FRS Connections
FRS Connections is a therapeutic environment, which provides group, family, individual therapy, case management and academic support to school age severely emotionally disabled children, adolescents and their families.
149 Chillicothe Ave.
Hillsboro, OH 45133
(Fax) 937.393.1682
We believe that a child and adolescent's best hope for a productive future is with a supportive, committed family. Parents have expertise regarding their own children. We need their partnership with us in treatment. We believe that treatment is a work in progress that we accomplish together.
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FRS Connections is committed to being courageous companions with the students and their families providing support, accountability, education and guidance in their particular life issues. It is our expectation that the family will be actively involved in their child's treatment. The family is expected to participate weekly in their child's treatment as recommended. Parents and Caregivers will share important information with the treatment team and participate in on-going treatment planning for their child.
Promoting an increased sense of personal responsibility and developing in each child skills necessary to function more successfully and appropriately at home, school and in the community are important goals at
FRS Connections.